Bees pollinate three-quarters of the world's most important crops, but they are under threat from disease, parasites, pesticides and human interference. This pdf file offers a glimpse into the amazing world of bees - and suggests what how we can help save them.

What's the problem?
They may be tiny but bees are essential to a healthy environment and healthy economy. We rely on them and other insects to pollinate most of our fruit and vegetables – it would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate their crops without bees.

But bees are under threat and without them so is our food and economy. The BBKA, Friends of the Earth and others are encouraging people to make their gardens, streets and communities bee-friendly and take action to get the Government’s support for bees too.

How you can help?
This booklet reveals 20 things you need to know, including some simple but important ways you can help Britain’s bees.
- Learn essential facts about our brilliant British bees.
- Create a bee-friendly environment, even if you don’t have a garden.
- Grow bee-friendly plants for every season.
- Support local bee keepers by buying their honey, beeswax candles and other products.
- Find out how to organise a bee walk or bee breakfast.
- Learn more about bee-related resources including websites, films, books and sanctuaries.