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Interested in become a beekeeper - Read on

Anyone wishing to become a beekeeper or those just wanting to learn more about bees, there are several options. All possible options are listed below including information on taking a short course

       1. Contact your local branch of the British Beekeepers Association.
       2. Talk to a local Beekeeper
       3. Go to a branch meeting
       4. Contact the British beekeepers Association
       5. Visit the out Apiary at Lytham Hall (Opening times to be announced)

Improvers Sessions

Kath Kindred (master beekeeper) will run an improvers course starting on Tuesday the 18th of April. This course will be once a fortnight and Kath will cover, bailey comb change, shook swarm, queen marking and handling a queen, drone marking in different colours to see if they end up in different hives
Also setting up a cloake board to accommodate two queens in one hive. This is an opportunity to do different things.

Sessions will be mainly at Lytham Hall out apiary
First one will be on the 18th April starting at 14:15 hours
Introduction to beekeeping 1 Day course

Blackpool & Fylde Beekeepers will be holding an Introduction to Beekeeping course in Late May - early June at the club's out-apiary.

This is a one daycourse designed for those interested in becoming a beekeeper or for those who wish to know more about beekeeping and honey bees in general.

The course is quite comprehensive and covers many aspects and equipment used by beekeepers. It is an ideal start for beginners and novices to beekeeping.

Download the leaflet for the introduction course

Course Information leaflet
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