If you have or suspect a swarm of Bees

Please read the information and view the images below carefully BEFORE contacting any of the

Swarm Collectors

Please understand that our swarm collectors do not collect or move Bumble bees or wasps


There are many different types of bumblebees, some very large and some smaller, but are often confused with honeybees. However they are rounder, larger and furrier and come with a variety of coloured stripes across the end of their tails. If they are in a living in a bird box, under decking, in the compost heap or a hole in the wall, they are almost certainly bumblebees

Bumblebees are an important pollinators and like all bees are under threat of extinction. Bumblebees rarely sting so leave them alone if possible. Generally bumblebees have left the nest by late August to look for a safe warm place to overwinter.

To learn more about bumblebees download the Bumblebee Identification Chart or go to the Bumblebee Organisation for more information

Solitary bees

Are there lots of small bees popping in and out of the wall or very small holes in the ground. Do they have a reddy/brown bottom? Are they almost black on their body.

These are Solitary Bees, they are harmless and as their name suggest live more or less alone. They aren't interested in you and should be left alone completely.
Remember ALL BEES are under threat of extinction.

To learn more about solitary bees Bumblebee conservation Organisation


Are they bright yellow with black stripes? Very smooth mainly yellow with black stripes? Are they in the roof of your house? Are they coming from a round nest in a tree? Is there a nest in the shed resembling a large ball of brown paper? Do they have a high pitched buzz? Are they after all things sweet? Then these are probably Wasps.

Please do not call our beekeepers about wasps. They are unable to help you with these and will not collect or remove them. Please contact your local council for advice


Are they very big with a loud buzz? Are they black and brown with a hint of orange? Living in the roof or shed? Do they have a very big curved tail? These are Hornets.

Please do not call our beekeepers about hornets. They are unable to help you with these and will not collect or remove them. Please contact your local council for advice

However if you believe it to be an Asian Hornet please take a photograph and contact the
local representative immediately

Honey Bee Honey Bees

Honeybees are small and vary in colour from golden brown to almost black.
To see what a swarm looks like Click here or just scroll down to view images of several Honey Bee Swarms to show what they look like

If what you are looking at resembles any of these images, do not approach them but contact your local Swarm Collector immediately who will provide appropriate help or advice concerning your honey bee swarm.

If you have honey bees in your garden or on the structure of your property
click here for more information

Before contacting a swarm collector listed below, please make sure you have read this page thoroughly

Branch Secretary

0785 826 7670


0775 261 6823


0778 875 5091

Pam / Charlie

01253 735045

0773 931 2718


0753 035 6546


0796 700 5330


01772 634 837

0771 101 5467

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